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Wire, encaustic, acrylic, thread, gauze, electrical equipment
2010 With sprung wire that wiggles in air currents and an erratic electric-lit heartbeat, this baby shows its extreme sensitivity and its inability to self-regulate.
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Vegas Baby

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Vegas Baby
Ceramic, acrylic, pigment, encaustic, beads, felt, feathers
2012 Candy was going to be an actor. Dancing in Vegas would just be one glamorous stop on the way. Now she finds herself stuck in a world of sexist oppression. With a roll of her eyes she at once condemns and laments her predicament. Will she get out?
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The Caveman’s Progress

0488       0491

The Caveman's Progress
Ceramic, acrylic, pigment, encaustic
2011 This sculpture of an elderly man ensconced in stalagmites and stalactites excavates the problem of man’s failure to adapt. In humanity’s greatest drama, will man or nature have the last word?
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The Saboteurs

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The Saboteurs
Ceramic, acrylic, steel, propane, flame
2013 Stand in the center of the half circle and face the critics. The voices of self-sabotage inflame and possess, but also motivate. Will the inner critic improve artistic expression, or will the viewer recoil from judgment?
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Big Man’s Heart

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Big Man's Heart
Steel, polyurethane resin, ceramic, acrylic, found object
2013 Greed is a powerful motivator: Inspired by accounts of oil companies destroying African villages in order to obtain access to rich oil deposits. This corrupted heart converts blood to oil.
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