Artist Bio

Skye spent her early years in a teepee in Central Oregon, which formed her own artistic and theological vision with an acute sensitivity to humans and nature. Once rejoined with society for the purpose of education, her favorite part of the culture was the arts, specifically drama. She engaged in a decent theatre career until motherhood presented its binary crucible. In the European style she had worked from the outside in, developing characters based on portraits in galleries and museums, which allowed her to spend many years surrounded by incredible visual stimuli. A great admirer, Skye began curating art shows in Jersey City, a denizen for artists displaced by high rents in Brooklyn. One day she realized certain images she carried in her own head for years were sculptures, and she set out to learn to make them. She learned materials at Pratt Fine Arts and Seward Park Clay Studio, and figurative sculpture at Gage Academy. She studied with Tip Toland, Larry Calkins, and Michael MacGrath. Her primary influences are Fred Tomaselli, Rene Magritte, and Michael McConnell. Skye has crafted art in Tennessee, South Carolina, New York, and New Jersey, but is happiest working in her studio in Ballard.

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